Cumberland Falls Workshop

Photography is all about framing a scene and knowing how to get the right amount of light in to the perfect shot. Moving into a creative aspect of photography, there is so much that can be done to mess around with light and the way it affects your image. Then when you bring in water there is no stopping the possibilities that one could do with those photos.

Cumberland Falls is the largest free flowing waterfall in the southern United States. It is also conveniently located to displace a rare phenomenon called the Moon Bow, which is a rainbow caused by the mist coming from the waterfall and the light from the moon. Along with the main falls, there are many falls located around that area that offer many great photographic opportunities.


Photography of water is a skill that many photographers strive to accomplish. In this workshop, we will focus on a few key points. Photography of moving water in the early morning light, photography of Cumberland Falls in the evening light, and photography of the forestry during our hikes. We will initially explore the main falls. Then explore Eagle Falls, which is about a mile hike. This waterfall is a nice hidden gem that has many photographic opportunities. This will be a one on one photography workshop.

What You Will Learn:

Key points in this workshop will be how to manipulate the camera to capture all the motions of the water and the dusk/dawn light effects on water. We will also focus on how to use our creative eye to find the best shot. We will also focus on some forest photography and how to get creative shots out of that. Lastly, there will be two class room sessions where Lightroom and editing tips will be discussed.  

Timeline of Workshop:

We will meet up at the Cumberland Falls Gift Shop right by the falls at the time listed in the Eventbrite listing (Since each workshop depends on the sunlight, each workshop will start at slightly different times). We will walk to the outlook to photograph the falls. We will then hike down to the river to photograph some of the beach and river as the sun sets. After that we will reconvene at the hotel to review the photographs and prep for the next day's plan. During the class time, I will also give some time to let you work on the photos you took. We will then call it an early night so we can get up just before the crack of dawn, and head over to the Eagle Falls trail head. Once we get there, we will hike to Eagle Falls. We will go straight to the falls with minimal stops on the way there to ensure we have plenty of time at the falls to mess around with the water and light. After we feel we have got enough shots there, we will slowly hike back and take our time photographing the forestry. After that we will return to hotel (allowing a short break to grab some lunch), and have another class on how to edit the photos from the morning. There we will focus on how to work with the water shots, along with the other shots taken during the hike. We will examine different techniques to edit the water photos along with the forest photos along with some creative and artistic editing. There will be some time to edit and ask questions and then a critic similar to the one from the night before will occur. Final questions and comments will occur then as well. After that we will call it a workshop.

Special Notes:

Please ensure proper attire is worn for this outing. Camera equipment needed at minimum is a DSLR with manual mode, a general zoom lens, tripod, and remote shutter.  Overnight lodging will not be provided. Please note this trip is for ages 18+ and all based on your physical ability. Please purchase tickets online using the link below. A waiver must be signed either in person before the start of the event or sent via email. Please contact me for the form. 

We will hold the class room sessions in the FairBridge Inn Express Whitley City in Whitley City Kentucky. It is recommended to book hotel accommodations there in order to not have to drive extra. 

Since this is a one on one workshop, times can be adjusted. This is just a general outline of the plan. 

Workshop price with this time duration and schedule is $250. 

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